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Issue #1 - General No-Budget Basics - Date: 10/15/2005
  Editorial: Why are we doing this Magazine
  Tips & Tricks: Assembling a Micro Budget Light Kit
    How to Build the $14 Steadycam
    10 Things to Consider Before Sending Out Your Script
    Audition Tips
  Reviews: Hollywood Camerawoork, Filmmaking for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts,
    Nattress Film Effects for Final Cut Pro, Preview: Magic Bullet Editors 2.0
  Critiques: Purple Pastures, Searching For Angela Shelton, Copcake, Rubber
    Johnny, Rough Cut: Slumber Party, Preview: Unseen Cinema: Early
    American Avant-Garde Film from 1894-1941

Issue #2 - Intro to Production & Post Audio - Date 11/15/2005
  Editorial: The F-Boyz and Microtown
  Tips & Tricks: How to Build Your Own Mic Shock Mount - Take 1
    How to Build Your Own Mic Shock Mount - Take 2
    The Audio Tips That Every Micro-Filmmaker Needs
    The Complete Filmmaker's Griptionary
  Reviews: Intro to Noise Reduction Software, Bias Sound Soap 2, Diamond Cut 6,
    Sony Vegas +DVD, Magic Bullet Editors 2, Cinematic Storytelling, Sound
  Design, Preview: Panasonic HVX200
  Critiques: Limbo, Game Night, Private Lives, Ascension, The Haunted Heart

Issue #3 - Xmas Spectacular - Date 12/15/2005
  Editorial: Cutting Red Tape for Christmas
  Tips & Tricks: Write What You Have
    Low Budget PC Editing Systems
    Make Your Own Rollerblade Dolly
    Rollerskate Dolly Design: Plan View
    Visual Effects: Make Your Own Smoke Bombs
    Scott Spears Presents... Indie Tips: White Balancing Tricks
  Reviews: Dramatica Pro, The Complete DVD Book, Hitting Your Mark,
    Preview: Frame Forge 3D Studio 2
  Critiques: Waiting on Alphie, The Coat Room, The Intersection, Unseen Cinema:
    Early American Avant Garde Film 1894 - 1941

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