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If you are a company who would like to put an official link to our site from your site, please choose from the following information to use in order to do so:

Name: Microfilmmaker Magazine


One Line Description: The online magazine which freely assists no-budget filmmakers make better films through reviews, techniques, and critiques.

Mission Statement: The goal of Microfilmmaker Magazine is to help no-budget filmmakers make better movies and become better filmmakers. While we aim to help all filmmakers, we have a special focus on filmmakers who are making films for $30,000 and below, as they are the ones who have the most to lose yet are given the least help from the filmmaking community. The ways we help are by providing reviews of software and equipment these Microfilmmakers might be considering buying before they shoot their film, providing new and reprinted articles and how-to guides about the craft of no-budget filmmaking for when they are shooting and editing their films, and by critiquing their films in the rough, semi-final, and final stages of post-production, as they are completing these films. In addition, we provide a community section for filmmakers to encourage one another, provide advice, and discuss important issues facing the no-budget filmmaking community.

Official Link Pictures:
Simply download the picture that best suits your space requirements. If you need a special size that's not listed here, contact Kari Ann Morgan, our Public Relations director, at: [email protected].

Press Coverage of Microfilmmaker Magazine:
Spotlight on Microfilmmaker Magazine - Publication: - 8/9/07

Direct all requests for reprints of articles, reviews, or critiques found in this magazine, or any other questions not answered elsewhere on this page, to:

Kari Ann Morgan
PR Director
[email protected]

If you are interested in reaching the largest growing film community in the world through the only magazine that is currently designed to meet their needs from pre-production to post-production, then advertising your film/video/audio-related product or service through Microfilmmaker Magazine might be the smartest investment you make this year.

To find out more and obtain current ad pricing, please email us at: [email protected].

If you have already arranged advertising with us and need to pay for it, please proceed to our Advertising Payment page.

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