LIFE: Official Film Trailer 2017 (User Video)

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LIFE an Evilkind® Motion Pictures original feature set for a digital VOD release mid-late 2017.

Logline: A coming of middle age tale of life, death and evil funneled through a 'romantic' dark comedy.

Plot-line: A middle aged, struggling, Los Angeles 'actor' realizes his only path to salvation lies in the making of a film.

Genre: Dark Comedy Writer/Director: K. Cameron Lau


Evilkind® | Designed to make a statement.

Evilkind® is an entertainment and media production company, and consumer and retail brand focused on the betterment of your body, mind and soul.

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Audio Workflow: How To Sync Dialog Wild-Lines To Picture Using Revoice Pro (Video/Tutorial)

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In this featurette, Production Sound Mixer Jonah Guelzo gives you an inside look at one of his go-to tools to maximize the use of your on-set dialog recordings. At times, you can run into all sorts of problematic sound situations. By recording wild-lines, you allow yourself the versatility needed for later on in the mix.

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Breaking Barriers: Microbudget feature, Layover, Gets SVOD Release (Microbudget Press Release)

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Last year, I made my feature film debut, LAYOVER, for $6000. We shot the French-language film on the Canon 5D, on weekend nights in Los Angeles. A year later we premiered the film at the Seattle International Film Festival and we were nominated for the New American Cinema Award. We've also played at several other festivals, and now we'll be releasing the film via direct distribution from...

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