Vanity and Art: Creating Art From Selfish Desires (Article/Crowdfunding)

Ian Delaney on set of recent film.

Anyone who has gone to film school would immediately see my quest as folly and be able to list dozens of reasons why a one character film was a poor cinematic choice. What’s great is that I never went to film school. What’s even greater is that once I decided on a one character film, I thought “what if I make a one location film?”
“What if it was an entire film that was one setup, a single shot with multiple angles?”
“How, by narrowing a story to its simplest could I explore greater creativity?”
This is also the point where I crossed feature-length off the list.
This idea of painting yourself into a box…

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Indie Film Company Attempts to Make History with 52 Films in 52 Weeks… (News/Release)

52week Thumb

Running Wild started as a micro-budget film company in 2010 from the creation of renowned African-American playwright Gus Edwards and filmmaker Travis Mills with the aim to build a cinema movement that stays local. Utilizing local actors, crew, music, businesses, and more, they have produced more than thirty short films and three feature-length projects since their genesis. There newest and greatest endeavor is the creation of 52 shorts films in 52 weeks during 2013.

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Smoking & Masochism (Critique)

John's insecurities start an awkward night.

When John (Juan Amador) picks up Mimi (Angeline Prendergast) for a date, he’s excited to see hear that she wants to see a porno. However, when she lights up an electronic cigarette in his car, he finds himself unable to stop trying to guess what sort of abuse or childhood trauma led her to be a smoker. When she retaliates, threatening to burn him with her cigarette if he doesn’t shut up, she uncovers the fact that he’s into pain and would actually be turned on by that. She then proceeds to make assumptions about him as they drive.

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The Luella Project (Article)


Everybody has dreams. The big question for me was why so few people ever fulfill them. This is really what the Luella project is about, defying the trend to actually fulfill our dream of making a feature film.

It all started on a dull day in early November 2011. It was the first time in over a decade my friend Ben Nash and I had seen each other. We had been close friends in primary school, but, as is often the way, had lost touch through the years. By some quirk of fate, we found we had both become aspiring young filmmakers. Clearly, we were meant to work together as by the end of that first meeting we had penned, or rather typed, the first draft of what would become the short film Luella.

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Tumbleweed! (Critique)

Tumbleweed Poster

For their first foray into digital (at least that I’ve seen), the Varavas (Justin wrote andd Jared directed) went with the RedOne (which is arguably the highest end digital rig that most microbudget filmmakers can afford to rent and still stay microbudget). But what to tell with this digital exploration? Why, what else? A Western tale about a tumbleweed, of course! But not just any tumbleweed, of course. A loner tumbleweed who marches to the beat of his own windstream!

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