The Brother (Critique)

Mark is happy with his life in the big city.

Mark is living his dream in the big city and everything is going well, until he receives a call from his estranged mother. She tells him that his brother Danny is dead, but because she didn’t know how to reach Mark, Danny’s funeral has already passed. Mark decides to return to his small hometown to make peace with both his brother and his past.

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Interview with MFM’s Editor, Jeremy Hanke, about Creative Community “World of Depleted”

Jeremy Talks to Baylor

Today, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Professor Chris Hansen, the director of Baylor University’s Film & Digital Media division (and director of Best of Show Winner, Care & Feeding of an American Messiah), and his graduate media class about World of Depleted, the creative community that MicroFilmmaker Magazine has helped launch. It was great to share what changes in technology and society it’s inspired by and what it is part of the groundwork for in the future.

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