Indie Film Company Attempts to Make History with 52 Films in 52 Weeks… (News/Release)

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Running Wild started as a micro-budget film company in 2010 from the creation of renowned African-American playwright Gus Edwards and filmmaker Travis Mills with the aim to build a cinema movement that stays local. Utilizing local actors, crew, music, businesses, and more, they have produced more than thirty short films and three feature-length projects since their genesis. There newest and greatest endeavor is the creation of 52 shorts films in 52 weeks during 2013.

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A Walk In Hyde Park (Critique)

A Walk In Hyde Park Cover

Sachen (Anmol Mishra) lives in Sydney, Australia, and works at an antique store. One day, his car runs out of oil and he happens to run into a damsel in distress – Elisa (Susanna Richter), a German immigrant. She had just been kicked out of her apartment and was sitting outside crying. Sachen offers her comfort, and soon this unlikely meeting evolves into a relationship.

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