Gold Field (Short Critique)

Gold Field Poster

Set in the brutal Gold Rush of Australia in the 1850′s, Gold Field tells a tale of betrayal and greed. Guillaume (Dino Marnika) and his brother, Frederic (Albert Goikhman), are camping on their claim in the Australian region of Victoria. As Frederic heads off to gather more wood for the fire, Guillaume catches sight of an old acquaintance in the dark and calls out to him. Etienne (Alan King) emerges from the surrounding thicket, stripped naked with his hands tied in front of him. Guillaume invites him to the fire and….

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The Luella Project (Article)


Everybody has dreams. The big question for me was why so few people ever fulfill them. This is really what the Luella project is about, defying the trend to actually fulfill our dream of making a feature film.

It all started on a dull day in early November 2011. It was the first time in over a decade my friend Ben Nash and I had seen each other. We had been close friends in primary school, but, as is often the way, had lost touch through the years. By some quirk of fate, we found we had both become aspiring young filmmakers. Clearly, we were meant to work together as by the end of that first meeting we had penned, or rather typed, the first draft of what would become the short film Luella.

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Cinema 4D Release 13 Studio (Review)

Cinema 4D Studio Edition, Release 13

It is getting harder and harder to look the other way when it comes to adding CG (Computer Graphics) to the independent filmmakers tool set. For serious indies that are looking to “up their game” Cinema 4D, the full studio version, is worth a long, hard look. Even TV shows are doing so much with green-screens and environment manipulation, that viewers are expecting a level of sophistication greater than ever before.

Yes, we all know that the story is King. However, with offerings like Maxon’s Cinema 4D (C4D), even humble filmmakers can have professional grade tools in their studio, which only expands on the ability to tell a good story.

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