3D Horizons: Autodesk 2015 (Preview)


The Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite for 2015 boasts more refinements to their group of programs that offer equal parts innovation, stability, and ease of use. With an eye to the ever growing and evolving entertainment industry, Autodesk 2015 has added various software options and feature sets that creatives can leverage to develop their properties with greater efficiency. Depending on the production needs, digital artists who are working on a small budget film will find the new suite offerings and subscription model a helpful solution to keeping costs down.

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$70K Micro-Budget Film becomes First 3D Indie film to Premiere In Dallas (News/Industry)

Zero One Logo

Zero One, a science fiction thriller written and produced by Kareem Gray, will be the basis for a TV series now in development, The Zero One Mandate. The film, which revolves around a man who discovers a computer program that has the power to save or destroy humanity, has been screened at film festivals around the world. It won the Best Screenplay and Best Original Music awards at the Boston Sci-Fi Festival, and was named Best Film at this year’s Dallas Black Film Festival. Ticket Stubs Entertainment called it ‘hugely enjoyable for all ages.’ Now the original 2-D version has been converted into a 3-D movie experience by P3DHD, a Dallas company that is pioneering quick, high quality, cost effective conversions of conventional film and video into 3-D.

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Lightwave 11 (Review)

Lightwave 11 cover

Finally! NewTek is hitting it’s stride again with Lightwave 11. In my review last year about Lightwave 10.1, I’d commented enthusiastically about my conversation with Lightwave user and evangelist, Rob Powers. He’s been in the trenches with Lightwave on multiple film productions and has been able to bring that common-sense utility and passion for workflow quality into the forefront. I’d enjoyed getting reintroduced to Lightwave (LW) and rated it very highly. But also apparent was where it was lagging in what is now ‘standard’ abilities in competing software. LW 11 is now engaging those ‘standard’ features into version 11 and NewTek is doing it with a very sharp eye towards user friendliness.

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MentalCore (Review)


MentalCore is a competitively priced product that could save you more in long run when you consider the alternatives. The other popular renderers on the market today cost over a thousand dollars and have their own workflows that take time to get used to. But for users that are already familiar with working with Mental Ray, you get an inexpensive solution that not only fixes technical issues, it releases features that lay latent within the software you already owned. Small learning curve and low-cost entry makes choosing MentalCore over something unknown extremely compelling.

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Cinema 4D Release 13 Studio (Review)

Cinema 4D Studio Edition, Release 13

It is getting harder and harder to look the other way when it comes to adding CG (Computer Graphics) to the independent filmmakers tool set. For serious indies that are looking to “up their game” Cinema 4D, the full studio version, is worth a long, hard look. Even TV shows are doing so much with green-screens and environment manipulation, that viewers are expecting a level of sophistication greater than ever before.

Yes, we all know that the story is King. However, with offerings like Maxon’s Cinema 4D (C4D), even humble filmmakers can have professional grade tools in their studio, which only expands on the ability to tell a good story.

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3ds Max ECS 2012 (Review)

3D Studio Max Logo

For the past several years, programs like 3ds Max, Softimage, Mudbox, and MotionBuilder were separate, unique experiences all on their own. Artists, as well as companies, had to ally themselves with one particular 3D application to supply most of their needs and be cautious when considering any other packages to add on that might throw a wrench in their existing pipeline. Since those days, Autodesk has been working to bring the biggest 3D applications used in the entertainment industry under one roof. But collecting all the most popular tools was not all Autodesk had plans to do.

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The Corel MotionStudio 3D “Logos of Depleted” Contest

Contest Header

the good folks at Corel are happy to help you get into the action of the World of Depleted with their new software package, Motion Studio 3D! (Be sure to read Matt Terry’s 8.8/10 review in this issue!) Motion Studio 3D makes creating 3D logos and icons a breeze, so you’ll be able to use the demo of the program to make your own logos for some of the new factions in World of Depleted. The best submissions will be included in the World of Depleted as official content and the grand prize winner will receive over $1000 in cutting edge Corel software for art, video, and 3D animation!

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MotionStudio 3D (Review)

3D Animation MotionStudio 3D

The titling options alone are exceptional, with literally hundreds of modifications you can do with your text. Clicking and dragging what you want done to the text couldn’t be simpler. Inserting provided graphics and overlays, quickly creating shapes and objects, and changing camera angles can all be done on the fly and then the program provides you with 3-D animation models for you to explore and insert. Once you’ve completed your animation/titling/graphic – you can render it to multiple types of video files and insert it easily into your project.

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