About Mark Colegrove

Mark Colegrove is the director of 2008's horror/comedy Isle of the Damned, which is self-distributed through his production company, Dire Wit Films. Based in Maryland, he currently produces video content for the National Aquarium and Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Premiere Pro CC (Software Review)

Premiere Pro CC Cover

As a longtime Premiere Pro user, the first thing I noticed is that there’s been somewhat of an overhaul to the look of your timeline, which goes well beyond what you’d typically see in a “.5” upgrade, although the timing of this release is just a little over one year past when we first saw Premiere Pro CS6. Ultimately a couple of the new features immediately make the program easier to use, while a few left me scratching…

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Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 (Review)

VideoStudio Pro X6

Well, the new version, Corel VideoStudio X6 has just arrived, and it offers up many new bells and whistles including 4K support, a subtitle editor (with voice detection), motion tracking, movie files with alpha layers and more. (And folks who’ve been dismayed to see a well-known competitor go to an all subscription basis will be pleased to note that you can actually own a copy of VideoStudio Pro X6, not just rent it!)

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Sapphire 7 (Review)


GenArt’s Sapphire has been one of my go to effects plug-ins for the last few years, and I was eager to see what the new version had to offer. Although the price point is a bit steep, you’ll find tons of effects that prove quality can live alongside quantity quite nicely, more so than many of the other massive FX bundles.

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After Effects CS6 (Review)

Adobe After Effects CS6

After Effects is a pretty essential tool for most filmmakers who are incorporating any type of graphic treatment to their work, and this latest update is a major one specifically designed to increase the speed at which you can create, without waiting on your computer. This alone makes this update more or less essential for anyone who relies on After Effects as part of their normal work-flow, but the addition of the camera tracking feature and extruded text are also HUGE.

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Monsters GT v7 (Review)

GenArts Monsters GT v7

Monsters is a pretty high-end set of plug-ins. Atmospheric effects like Raindrops for example are meant to seamlessly integrate with live-action footage and give the impression that you rented a $10,000 rain machine on your low-budget shoot. Everything here looks pretty convincing, and unlike many other plug-in sets, there are very few “throw away” effects. GenArts clearly spent a lot of time making these look great.

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Sapphire 6 (Review)

Sapphire 6

The latest version of Sapphire offers a very extensive set of over 240 plug-ins for every editing platform imaginable, including After Effects & Premiere Pro (which is the version I looked at for this review), as well as Final Cut 7, Autodesk, Avid, Nuke/OFX & Sony Vegas. Highly touted in this new release are many updates to the previous version including 6 new effects and 9 new transitions, updated LensFlare control as well as 3D lens flares (currently only available in actual 3D for After Effects), a preset browser and more.

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