Micro-Budget film, Friggin’ Aliens, Unveils Community Film Initiative in IndieGogo Campaign (News)

Friggin' Aliens BannerVersailles, KY – November 16, 2012 – Friggin’ Aliens is a micro-budget independent feature film being produced by Versailles, KY based Darringer Productions, utilizing the new Community Film Initiative.

Directed by Jeff Day (producer/writer of Unrequited), Friggin’ Aliens is a heartwarming comedy about friendship, true love, and …well, aliens. Alan is annoyed when Todd gets a couple of his friends to film his band as they rehearse for what they hope will be a jam session with pop mega star Karissa. But, when Alan comes home with a mysterious package, and his girl friend is abducted, Todd’s little film ends up being about something else entirely. It is up to Todd, Alan, and their interesting neighbor, Agnes, to save the planet from an alien invasion. Along they way they learn about how deep the bonds of friendship go and what true love is all about.

Community Film Initiative
Friggin’ Aliens is the first feature film for Darringer Productions and they are trying something new and experimental with the ownership of their film. Darringer Productions has created something they are calling Community Film Initiative. CFI is a program in which the cast and crew (including the producers and director) receive a non-expiring percentage of ownership in the film itself. (While it’s not uncommon in the indie filmmaking world to allow cast and crew to receive a percentage of profits equal to sweat equity plus a return in, this usually has a monetary cutoff level or an expiration date and rarely pertains to actual intellectual ownership.) This allows them to make the movie on a micro-budget, but also does something that is important to Darringer founders Eric Henninger, David Whitaker, and Lori Henninger: builds a true sense of filmmaking community.

Eric Henninger says:

This is about more than just making a movie. It’s about building a community of creative and talented individuals and giving them a platform from which they can use their creative gifts and shine.”

In order to raise the basic funds needed to produce “Friggin’ Aliens” (food, rentals, props, costumes, etc) Darringer Productions, INC. has launched an Indie-GoGo campaign to reach out to the supportive film community around them.  To find out more and to support this film and its Community Film Initiative, go to: The Friggin’ Aliens Indie-Gogo Campaign Page.

About Darringer Productions, Inc.
Darringer Productions is a low-budget production company making high quality films and corporate videos for the future of content dessimination.  To find out more about them, go to the Darringer Productions Website

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