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  Class On Demand:
Adobe CS4 Media Encoder
- Is. #43(06/09) - Online video teaching how to use CS4 Media Encoder.
  Class On Demand:
Using OnLocation CS4
- Is. #44(07/09) -Online video teaching how to use OnLocation CS4.
  Compressing Video for the Web with Premiere Pro 2 - Is. #8 (05/06) - Compress video to a good looking .wmv file using PP2
  Converting AVCHD with Pinnacle for Other Editing Programs - Is. #24(10/07) - Find out how to convert the hard to handle AVCHD format with the $99 Pinnacle Program
  Converting Between NTSC & Pal Using After Effects - Is. #7 (04/06) - Convert between European and American formats with AE
  Customizing Vegas - Is. #6 (03/06) - Make Vegas look how you want
  Cut Like a Pro - Is. #67(06/11) -10 Premiere Pro CS5.5 Tips for Working Editors
  Day for Night: When You Can't Shoot at Night - Is. #12(09/06) - Learn to convert day shots into night in After Effects
  Editing CANON VIXIA HF10 AVCHD Footage
- Is. #33(08/08) - Canon VIXIA HF10 24p NATIVE Final Cut/AE Workflow.
  Final Cut Flyswatter: Using Masks to Delete Problems - Is. #7 (04/06) - Learn how to clean up problems in your footage using masks.
  From After Effects to Encore CS3: A DVD Creation Journey - Is. #28(03/08) - Ryan Graham walks you through DVD creation in CS3.
  How to Edit a Trailer That Will Get Your Film Noticed - Is. #14(11/06) - The secrets of making a great
looking trailer are unveiled.
  Low Budget PC Editing Systems for the Holidays - Is. #3 (12/05) - A look at Dell & Alienware's computer hardware for editing
  Pimp My Film:
Tips to add Gloss to your Baby
- Is. #30(05/08) - A Beginner's Guide to giving your film a polished look.
  Scoring Collide:
Using the Power of Sound Booth CS4 Scores
- Is. #44(07/09) - We look at the options for scoring a film with Soundbooth CS4 and its score packages.
  A Tale of Two Platforms:
Converting From FCP to
Premiere Pro
- Is. #23(09/07) - Jeremy Hanke chronicles his exploration of converting from FCP to Premiere Pro
  Vegas for Final Cut
Pro Users
- Is. #6 (03/06) - Learn to adapt Apple's FCP knowledge to Sony's Vegas
  Vegas - Where Do I Start? - Is. #6 (03/06) - Basic overview of Vegas

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