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Acting & Auditions  
  Audition Tips - Is. #1 (10/05) -Ways to audition intelligently
  The Do's and Don'ts of Successfully Directing
- Is. #16(01/07) -John Badham offers advice on how to direct actors from his 30 year career in Hollywood.

Eye of the Tiger:
Getting Your Actor's Respect

- Is. #60 (11/10) -Learn how to earn the respect of actors
  Fast Track To Brilliance:
Getting Great Performances Quickly
- Is. #58(09/10) -D.W. Brown shows you how you can motivate your actors to greatness "under the gun."
  Great Performances Don't Cost Money:
Getting Good Actors on a Micro-Budget
- Is. #54(05/10) -D.W. Brown shows you how you can get really great actors on your micro-budget films with a little creativy and know-how.
  How To Audition An Actor:
Bringing Out The Best In Talent
- Is. #56(07/10) -D.W. Brown shows you how you the best way to audition actors.


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