Broadcast (Critique)

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Critiques, Critiques (Short Narrative), Narrative, Short Length | 0 comments

Ethan is a car thief. He boosts cars for a living, which has led to a lifetime of friction and disconnect between himself and those closest to him. When he carjacks a car, throws the occupant out by the side of the road, and drives off into the boonies, it’s just another day in his life. However, as he drives toward the rendezvous he’s set up ahead of time with his cohorts, a disturbing news broadcast makes him realize that this is the worst day for business as usual.

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The Brother (Critique)

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Mark is living his dream in the big city and everything is going well, until he receives a call from his estranged mother. She tells him that his brother Danny is dead, but because she didn't know how to reach Mark, Danny's funeral has already passed. Mark decides to return to his small hometown to make peace with both his brother and his past.

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Smoking & Masochism (Critique)

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When John (Juan Amador) picks up Mimi (Angeline Prendergast) for a date, he’s excited to see hear that she wants to see a porno. However, when she lights up an electronic cigarette in his car, he finds himself unable to stop trying to guess what sort of abuse or childhood trauma led her to be a smoker. When she retaliates, threatening to burn him with her cigarette if he doesn’t shut up, she uncovers the fact that he’s into pain and would actually be turned on by that. She then proceeds to make assumptions about him as they drive.

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Tumbleweed! (Critique)

Posted by on Jul 7, 2012 in Critiques, Critiques (Short Narrative), Narrative, Short Length | 23 comments

For their first foray into digital (at least that I've seen), the Varavas (Justin wrote andd Jared directed) went with the RedOne (which is arguably the highest end digital rig that most microbudget filmmakers can afford to rent and still stay microbudget). But what to tell with this digital exploration? Why, what else? A Western tale about a tumbleweed, of course! But not just any tumbleweed, of course. A loner tumbleweed who marches to the beat of his own windstream!

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