A Walk In Hyde Park (Critique)

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Sachen (Anmol Mishra) lives in Sydney, Australia, and works at an antique store. One day, his car runs out of oil and he happens to run into a damsel in distress – Elisa (Susanna Richter), a German immigrant. She had just been kicked out of her apartment and was sitting outside crying. Sachen offers her comfort, and soon this unlikely meeting evolves into a relationship.

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DramaClass (Critique)

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When a television studio of ill repute decides they need to one-up their already questionable line of reality shows, they decide to create a reality show set in a tiny college that’s owned by Barbara Marconi, the barely legal wife of a millionaire. As the reality show gets ready to shoot, things come to a head between Mrs. Marconi, her current beau, her husband, and his enforcer.

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