Romancing Sydney (Final Critique)

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This is the third and final critique of Anoml Mishra's Romancing Sydney. Elisa and Sachen are a couple in love; so are their friends, Alex and John, who have recently gotten engaged. Since Elisa's visa is about to expire, Sachen has gotten the idea to propose to her so that they can stay in Australia together. But there's one problem – Sachen has let John's constant teasing get the better of him, and, to retaliate, Sachen has sabotaged John and Alex's relationship in revenge. And even though...

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Romancing Sydney (Critique)

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[We previously critiqued the film "Romancing Sydney," in its semifinal form, under the name "A Walk in Hyde Park." ] "Romancing Sydney" is a love story between Sachen (Anmol Mishra) and Elisa (Susanna Richter.) The two meet by chance one night – Elisa has been kicked out of her apartment and is sitting on the beach, crying. Sachen’s car breaks down in the same spot where she is sitting, and the two strike up a conversation that leads...

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The Brother (Critique)

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Mark is living his dream in the big city and everything is going well, until he receives a call from his estranged mother. She tells him that his brother Danny is dead, but because she didn't know how to reach Mark, Danny's funeral has already passed. Mark decides to return to his small hometown to make peace with both his brother and his past.

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