Baltimore Hospital reaches Health Care Workers Through Live Streaming with Teradek

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Martin Jenoff is dedicated to getting the news out around Baltimore. He shoots and edits at the local network news station two days a week, presides over the local videographers group, and with his own Focal Point Productions, has been providing live streaming services for nearly a decade. He says, “Back then it was a hard sell. You had to explain what it is and why you do it. But that changed when Facebook Live and YouTube Live made it a household term. Now I concentrate on doing it well. After following Teradek for a long time, I made the jump and now we have the VidiU Go, Cube encoder, and Bolt 1000. I also recently ordered a Cube decoder.” While most of these devices can serve as streaming boxes, they have different capabilities which allow Marty’s team to quickly scale their productions.

  • Teradek Jenoff desktop small
    Teradek Jenoff desktop small
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