Getting Viewers: Plugins and Tricks To Harness WordPress on your Site (Article)

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WordpressLogoEditor’s Note: When Matt over at the OnBlast Blog contacted me about this infographic he created, I was pretty impressed with the work he’d put in and agreed with a lot of his picks and points. (He even had some ideas that I wasn’t familiar with, despite running two magazines using wordpress as our CMS.)

Since we as filmmakers want our websites to just work, knowing which plugins are a good idea to start with can be a great step forward in making a site that helps you promote your work, without getting bogged down in all the nitpickiness of WordPress! (Now, if only he’d make an infographic on the top plugins for user submitted content, we’d really be in business!)

Enjoy this great infographic!

Just remember that (A) not all of the plugins he lists here are free and (B) because it’s a graphic, you can’t actually copy and paste the expert hack codes into your blog, but will need to retype them. (Hopefully, Matt’ll find a way to make an easy link to download the code off or below the graphic in the future!)


Credit: On Blast Blog

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