The Last Buck Hunt (Straight Shooter Review)

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TheLastBuckHunt1Directors: Becky and Nick Sayers
Production Company/Distributor: Indiestructible Films
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Mockumentary
Running Time: 87 mins
Budget: $15,000
Expected/Actual Rating: PG-13 (language, adult situations)
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Trailer: Click Here
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Reviewer: Manuel Crosby
Final Score: 7.0 (out of 10)

Reality show host and hunting prodigy Kenny Wayne (Zack Gold) drags his camera crew on a hunt for the most legendary, terrifying buck in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.  While Kenny tries to prove his hunting worth by capturing the quest on video, cameraman Steve (Cathan Bordyn) and sound recordist Alex (Briana Chicha) must figure out if the hunt is legitimate, or simply a hoax.  What will they find out in the woods?  The answer may make you laugh, scream, or both!


Nick and Becky Sayers craft a very strong story in this film.  As a comedy, it works very well by using its laughable main character, Kenny, and playing him against the more deadpan Steve and Alex.  And though the external plot contains quite a bit of hilarity, the inner story about Kenny’s search for approval from his father makes it emotionally fulfilling, as well.  While the horror element in this comedy-horror film could have been intensified with stronger suspense elements, creating more effective scares, the comedic elements in the film always kept me laughing.


This film was very watchable from start to finish.  Much of this success comes from the character of Kenny Wayne, who is incredibly fun to watch.  Zack Gold brings life, believability and humor to the role, and anchors every scene he’s in with a sincere performance.  This approach, combined with the excellent scripting and direction of the Sayers’, fleshes out Kenny as a real person who happens to draw out some great laughs.

In terms of the technical aspects, the film mostly delivers.  It sounds pretty good in most scenes, with dialogue always intelligible.  The cinematography is decent given the minimal budget and crew, coupled with the high amount of daytime exterior shooting.  Neither image nor sound quality is perfectly polished, but the entertainment value remains high because ultimately, the jokes work.

Finally, the filmmakers chose an excellent setting for their film.  The woods of the Pacific Northwest serve as an eye-catching setting for the movie’s strange buck hunt.


How Far Did you Watch Through It:



The early comedy in the film hooked me in, and kept me wanting to see what laughs would come next.  Also, the mystery revolving around the legendary buck pulled me along.  I was curious to see what the characters would ultimately find on their hunt.

Closing Thoughts

The Last Buck Hunt definitely entertains and hits some great comedic notes.  I would certainly watch the film again with friends for its entertainment value.  Becky and Nick Sayers created a very fun movie, and I look forward to their next production!

Final Score:

7.0Worth viewing at home or at a small festival!

Manuel Crosby is a filmmaker currently based in Northern California. As a cinematographer and editor, he works with other filmmakers throughout California. Also, as a writer and director he creates many short films available on his Youtube channel and at, including the western "Dead Man's Locket" and the thriller "Precaution". Finally, he is a longtime volunteer at Calaveras County Public Access Television. Manuel is currently working on his feature length co-directing debut: a dark-comedy, coming-of-age thriller called "First Date".


  1. Manuel thanks for the review! I really appreciate the kind words. I’m glad you found it funny. 🙂

    • Absolutely Nick! I’m really looking forward to the next production that you and Becky put together, please keep us updated!

      • Really good film. Kept me entertained from start to finish. Came across it by sheer accident and glad I stopped and gave it a watch. Made me laugh a lot.The Predator scenes were priceless.Will definitely recommend it to my friends.

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