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We are unable to offer Critiques or Straight Shooter Reviews at this time due to a shortage of writers and editors.  When this changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

[Note: If you are an established indie filmmaker–meaning you’ve completed at least one feature or at least two short films outside the studio system–and you’re interested in helping write critiques to help give back to the community, please contact us and let us know!  Likewise, if you are an established indie film reviewer–meaning you’ve reviewed at least three films that were made outside the studio system–and you’re interested in helping write indie film reviews to help give back to the community, please contact us and let us know!]

The director of two feature length films and half a dozen short films, Jeremy Hanke founded MicroFilmmaker Magazine to help all no-budget filmmakers make better films. The second edition of his well-received book on low-budget special effects techniques, GreenScreen Made Easy, (which he co-wrote with Michele Yamazaki) is being released by MWP in fall 2016. He's curently working on the sci-fi collaborative community, World of Depleted, and directed the debut action short in this series, Depleted: Day 419 .


  1. How much is the film review? You say there is a fee but you only list the fee for a critique. Am I right or confused?

    • Hey Clay,

      Currently the price is the same. It should list those on the pull down menu. If not, just make a note when you submit the film in the Paypal form that you want a Straight Shooter review. Thanks for your patience!


  2. How can I submit my film for you to review? I click on the submission page but I see no further directions.


    • I’m guessing you meant you didn’t see how to click on to get the form and submit? The headers link to the submission pages, but, as I looked at them, I realized that it wasn’t very obvious. As such, at the bottom of each section is now provided a direct link to submit either your film for review or your film for critique here at the Film Submission Instructions page.

  3. When you will start scripts critique?

    • If your interested in this, contact me via the contact page with some info about your script and I’ll check with our Script Critic. While we haven’t rolled it out across the board, we’re currently allowing people to contact us about it and we’ll see if we can get you into this beta test phase!

  4. FRM: Gotcha, thanks.OK, top guy I like the genreal concept, and the pose is nicely done. However, I’d have to say it’s probably my least favorite illustration on the page. The red sky with the red outfit and the negative-treatment Stonehenge all kind of overpower you visually, making you unsure where you should focus or what you should look at. Having the cape interior the same color as the clothing on his body further flattens the image, making it hard to make out the proper figure-ground relationships. I also lose his feet completely, as they’re so close in tone to the brown stones on which he’s standing. Finally, a minor detail, but I can’t tell what the gold shield device is behind his hip. Is it a transparent shield? Stitched embroidery on the cape interior? My recommendation on this, given the strong initial character, is to strip out all of the environment and focus just on the character, getting him exactly how you want him in terms of pose, items, and colors. Then, once he’s solid, work the environment around him. If he’s mostly warm colors like red and yellow, the background should be in cool colors like blues and greens, so that the environment supports the figure and lets it be the main focus. I know you know all that stuff as you’ve done it in the other images on the page, but this particular one I think still needs some work.

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  20. Hello,

    Featuring the song “No More” by the French electro band Loo & Monetti, awarded director Guillaume
    Panariello developed a very new visual technique for his last music video.

    The main idea was to achieve a poetic film involving two characters, one living in the day and the other at night.
    They cross the same places, but at different moments, like they where looking for each other. It’s all
    about parallel worlds and feelings.

    Guillaume uses character’s bodies as transparent « masks ». The performance is the perfect translation
    between night and days location in the bodies while everything is in movement.

    No motion control or green screen involved here. Everything is made with rotoscoping, 3D tracking and a whole lot
    of hard work ! 🙂 5 days and nights shooting.

    Technology to serve a very sensitive story.

    L & M

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